Frightful Fridays! Hummingator

Hello! I hoped to post this yesterday, but trees decided to interact with power lines, so my access to the internet was absent for a few hours. It's been a fairly violent Spring, weather-wise. Speaking of Spring and violence, I've got a hummingbird/alligator mashup for you. I hope you enjoy the hummingator! This creature has…Read more Frightful Fridays! Hummingator

Frightful Fridays! Phantasmal Naturist

It's Friday, and I've got another monster for you. This one came about from the idea of a druid who died and returned as a ghost, and then became really upset that he or she couldn't pet doggos. So (un)naturally, the solution was to turn doggos, and other animals, into ghosts too. I hope you…Read more Frightful Fridays! Phantasmal Naturist

Frightful Fridays! Icosadaemon

Hello, and welcome to the first Frightful Fridays! of 2021. Today's monster started off as a "celebration" of the previous year, and retains some of the original design I intended. Because I took the route of making it a daemon, I decided to remove its disease capabilities, since other daemons take care of that pretty…Read more Frightful Fridays! Icosadaemon

Frightful Fridays! One More Clockwork Fowl

Hello, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! I received a couple of notes on my previous offering of clockwork fowl, so I'm addressing those now. First of all, in recognition of the traditional Christmas goose, I've got a clockwork goose for you. It's not quite as mean as its real-life counterpart, but it gets the job…Read more Frightful Fridays! One More Clockwork Fowl

Frightful Fridays! Icewrecker Giant

It's a winter celebration! Here's a giant that will help player characters commemorate the season, by turning their limbs into ice and then shattering them, but what player character wants a safe celebration? I hope you enjoy the icewrecker giant. I'll return tomorrow with a sequel to festive monsters I posted earlier this year. A…Read more Frightful Fridays! Icewrecker Giant

Frightful Fridays! Clockwork Fowl

Happy day after (American) Thanksgiving! Tryptophan got to me, so I didn't post these yesterday, but, as an exciting side effect, they're getting posted on Friday. Invite your players over for a feast of gears and springs with this collection of clockwork birds, regardless of the occasion. A chicken composed of gears clucks and pecks…Read more Frightful Fridays! Clockwork Fowl

Frightful Fridays! Taraxaboom

2020 being what it is, I had this one ready but completely forgot to schedule it for Friday. Friday has become more of a suggestion anyway this year. This monster is also not timely in a seasonal sense (except, perhaps, for those of you in the southern hemisphere), because it's essentially an exploding dandelion. I…Read more Frightful Fridays! Taraxaboom

Frightful Fridays! Headhunter Jack

Hey! It's Halloween, so I'm posting an appropriately themed monster for the holiday. It's your straightforward razor-wielding pumpkin monster that wants to lop off heads, so it can replace them. Like you do. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Halloween! See you soon with another monster. This pumpkin wears a malevolent expression on…Read more Frightful Fridays! Headhunter Jack

Frightful Fridays! Sea Urchin Zombies

It's (checks calendar) Friday, which is a suprising day for one of these posts! I've got a couple of aquatic zombies for you, with the cuddly humanoid version and the gigantic whale version (I call it Morty). They like to stab their opponents with their sea urchin spines and explode in a delightful shower of…Read more Frightful Fridays! Sea Urchin Zombies

Frightful Fridays! Velobsteraptor

Hello, and welcome to a Monday Monster edition of Frightful Fridays! (or, it's Friday somewhere in the multiverse) For more alliteration, it's Mashup Monster Monday, because I can't resist a critter collision. This time around, we've got your very compatible velociraptor and lobster. It's the scourge of the sea and land. Luckily it can't fly,…Read more Frightful Fridays! Velobsteraptor